Gold. Pure Gold.

America has it all wrong, we need more biathlon and less football on TV.

How have I not been watching more speed skating?

How have I not been watching more speed skating?

because America

because America

Paging all teenagers. This bronze medalist is in search of a Valentine.

I don’t believe this is compliant with the rule in figure skating that states 50% of your body must be covered. But who needs rules anyway?

Who cares about the silver medal he won yesterday. This man is saving puppies in Sochi. I’ve died.

He’s got boyish good looks, manners that would make your mom swoon, and he’s apparently very, very single. Teenagers of the world, do with that information what you will. 

If mustaches are your thing, then this Aussie should do the trick

He skied. He shot. He won.

Olympics over. See you in Pyeongchang. 

It's Olympics time which means hot athletes EVERYWHERE. We're doing our duty to bring you the latest in photos of these hot dudes.

This is not officially connected to any of the athletes but if you know how to connect us please do so.

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